Embroidered School badges are a great way to brand school uniforms.   The embroidered badges are available in sew on or iron formats and can help reduce the cost of school uniforms.   Parents can turn jumpers, cardigans, sweet shirts, polo shirts, fleeces, blazers and sport kits into logoed and branded school uniforms in a matter of minutes.   Embroidered crests are great for reducing back to school costs or when it comes to replacing lost items or overgrown uniforms. 

 These badges can be designed in any size, shape or colour and applied to garments such as uniforms, sweatshirts or jackets as well as caps and bags.  They are fully machine washable and are also suitable for sports kits.   Badges are easy to store as the school supply can fit in a small box.  

Benefits of School Badges

  • Parents can reduce cost by buying uniforms and garments directly from high street retailers.  This allows them the option to shop for bargains and find appropriate sized clothing for their kids.
  • School staff simply focus on ordering school badges and making them available to parents.
  • School crest can be easily stored and easily reordered when required. 
  • A wide range of School clothing can be branded with the school crest in a matter of minutes. 

Iron on or Sew on Patches or School Badges

Depending on the type of garment used parents can either iron on or sew on the patches.   Once the badges are applied they are fully machine washable.  The application of the badges only takes a few minutes.   The patches or badges should be sewn onto garments such as woolly jumpers and cardigans or heat sensitive material.  A well-designed badge will look stylish and professional and can be added to a wide variety of school garments such as uniforms and gym wear and blazers.    

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Embroidered School Crests Design and Shapes

Many schools have traditionally embroidered direct onto the garment or uniforms.  The use of a school badge means that there is a defined shape and perimeter, so the design or artwork may need to be altered to achieve this.  The badges can come in a wide variety of shapes from circles to squares, rectangular or shield shaped patches.   The school badges or patches will standout more when the patch is designed with colours that contract with the garment or school uniform.   Various different colours can be used on the patch.  

Embroidered badges and patches are ideal for school crests and can be custom made to your requirement.  We are happy to help with designing your embroidered school badge or patch.    Simple send us a copy of your school crest or artwork as a vector, in PDF, JPG or PNG format and let us know how many you wish to order.   We can help you with crest design or artwork if necessary and we will provide you with a quote and delivery details.