High visibility clothing is designed for on the job safety and visibility.  OOYO Workwear offers a wide range of high visibility clothing.   Products includes rain jackets, bomber jackets, high visibility vests in range of visible colours from yellow, green or orange with a range of reflective tapes for different work environments.  

Quality high visibility workwear will allow employees stay on the job longer by keeping them warm, dry, comfortable and safe.  High visibility clothing is critical to ensure safety when working on a construction sites or in industry during wet or rainy weather conditions.  Most high visibility products are waterproof and durable and designed to offer the ultimate protection. 

High visibility clothing should be used near traffic, heavy equipment, machinery or in potentially dangerous situations where there is additional safety risks.

EN471 and ANSI Class High Visibility Rain Gear

EN471 is a European Standard for high-visibility clothing and ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute both of whom have published standards for high visibility clothing. It specifies three classes of garments.

Three classes or standards have been defined which each standard requiring greater visibility for workers exposed to high levels of risks. For example,

  • Class 1 is the minimum standard that defines the lowest visibility. Class 1 activities related to low hazard from slow moving vehicles.  Expectation for class 1 clothing includes high-visibility trousers with two 5 cm reflective bands around each leg. Example of use is a road worker in a private road.
  • Class 2 defines an intermediary visibility level.  Class 2 activities take place in proximity to moving vehicles such as railway workers or school crossing guards or wardens.  Class 2 clothing has two 5 cm bands of reflective around body or on one 5 cm band around body and braces to both shoulders.  This class should be used by road workers. 
  • Class 3 defines the highest level of visibility.  Class 3 activities take place near fast moving vehicles or activities such as high construction.  Class 3 has two 5 cm bands of reflective tape around the body, arms and braces over both shoulders. Class 3 should be worn when working within 1.2 meters of a Highway with traffic moving in excess of 50 km/h.  This class of clothing should be used by road workers on a motor way or airport workers.

These standards ensure maximum visibility in harsh weather and offers the best possible preventative measure you can provide yourself with. 

High Visibility Workwear

OOYO workwear can supply and brand high visibility workwear which ranges from regular rain coats, long rain coats, pants, bibs, and heavy weight jackets to keep employees warm.  Quality high visibility clothing is designed to be breathable with vented material to help you stay cool and dry inside and out.  

OOYO Workwear can supply and customise high visibility clothing and workwear. Hi-vis clothing includes shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, rain gear or head gear.   For enquiries or a quote please contact OOYO Workwear at 015311024.