Hi Vis safety Clothing is used by workers to improve their visibility in work environments.  This is particularly important to alert drivers on construction sites, industrial sites, in wet weather, low light or dark conditions.

Workers visibility is enhanced by the high colour contrast and bright clothing and the reflective tapes on the clothing.   Risks and hazards are likely to arise for workers when working around moving vehicles or machinery. Hi vis clothing with reflective tapes offer superior brightness and hence protections for workers.  

Hi vis rain gear for all weather conditions

Rain and wet conditions can greatly reduce our ability to see.   Quality hi vis rain gear such as rain coats, pants and bid style trousers will offer protection from the elements as well as increase visibility and safety for workers on constructions sites or industrial sites. 

Hi vis safety jackets for construction and industrial use

High visibility safety jackets come in a wide range of styles and sizes.  As well has hi-vis colours and reflective tapes, hi vis clothing offers protection from the weather with waterproof outer layers and warm fleece, fur or lined inner layers for cold weather conditions.   High quality, hi vis clothing come in stylish designs with additional pockets, layering and enhance quality for a superior performance.  Budget friendly hi vis is available in a range of styles 

Hi Vis Protective Clothing

Hi Vis Protective clothing is capable of signalling the workers presence and is worn to improve visibility of the user in hazardous situations under various light conditions by day or night when illuminated by the vehicle headlights.  High visibility clothing performance is dependent on garment colour and retroreflection material on the protective clothing.   Hi vis clothing is worn by those who need to be seen and to improve safety in industrial, construction or other work environments.  

Branded Hi Vis Workwear

OOYO workwear supplies high visibility clothing for construction and industrial use. We also provide an Embroidery and printing service so businesses and corporates can add they brands, logos or other information such as job position to the clothing.  We support our customers by providing a design and mock up service so you can visualise the final branded product. OOYO Workwear is happy to provide you with advice and recommendations on embroidery and printing hi vis workwear.  For enquiries or a quote please contact OOYO Workwear at 015311024.