Iron on and sew on embroidered badges and patchescan be used for school uniforms, scout patches, businesses or a wide variety of industries.   Using embroidered badges or patches increases brand awareness or highlights your club or organisation.  They can also be used as a token for honouring special events, locations or achievements such as scouting challenges or military recognition.  

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Iron on and sew on patches or badges

Iron on and sew on badges are a great way to add your school crest, logo, brand or a symbolic patch to clothing and sports wears.  Once applied they are fully machine washable.  Embroidered patches can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.    The patches can have a circular shape, square shape, rectangular shape, shield shapes or unique shapes.  A variety of colours can be used in creating a patch.   A well-designed embroidery patch or badge will look stylish, professional and help you promote your school, club, organisation, brand or business.  

Embroidered badges can be applied to garments by ironing on or sewing on as a patch.   This process can be completed in a matter of minutes.  We have outlined below the process on how to iron on or sew on badges and patches.  

Iron on Badges or Patches

Recommended Fabrics: Iron on badges or patches are idea for fabrics such as cotton, polyester acrylic and a mixture of these.    Iron on badges are NOT suitable fornylon, heat sensitive material or wool garments such as jumpers of cardigans.  

How to iron on an embroidered badge or patch

  • Switch on the Iron but do not use the steam setting.
  • Set the Iron to the maximum temperature
  • Lightly dampen the garment where you wish to attach the badge or patch.   This is generally in the left breast location of the garment but may vary depending on your requirements.
  • Place the embroidered badge on the garment with the embroidered side facing upwards.
  • Cover the badge or patch with a thin cloth or handkerchief.
  • Press down firmly with the hot iron for 1 minute.
  • Turn the garment over or repeat from the inside and press down for a further minute. 
  • Check the badges has bonded to the garment and allow 24 hours for the badge or patch to adhere completely.
  • Always wash garment according to manufactures instructions. 


Sew on Badges or Patches

 Recommended Fabrics : Sew on badges or patches are suitable for knitted garments such as wool jumpers and cardigans.  

How to sew on badges and Patches


  • Place the badge on the garment with the embroidered side facing upwards.  
  • You may wish to hold the patch in position with a pin and be careful to ensure you only stitch one layer or only the front of the garment.
  • If using a sewing machine stitch approximately 3mm form the edge of the badge and follow the shape of the badge or patch around. 
  • The badge or patch can be hand stitched with a needle and thread if you do not have a sewing machine.